Spring: The Perfect Time for a Roof Replacement

May 25, 2022 | Roofing

May 25, 2022

Spring: The Perfect Time for a Roof Replacement

Your roof protects your family and home from snow, rain, wind, and other elements. But roofing materials are not immune to wear and tear. They crack, break, rot, or rust over time, undermining structural stability. Aging roofs are prone to leaking. Replace your roof after 15-20 years to avoid age-related roofing problems. So, when should you get a new roof? Spring is the perfect time for a roof replacement.

Spring - The Perfect Time For a Roof Replacement

Why is Spring the Right Time to Replace Your Roof?

A new roof provides insulation by trapping warm or cool air to keep your home comfortable. High-speed winds, hailstorms, and torrential rains can deposit tons of debris on your roof. It should be strong enough to protect against possible winter damage. The benefits of replacing your roof are undeniable, but the process is hectic and complicated. Timing is crucial when undertaking roof replacements. Most homeowners schedule home improvements and roof inspections in summer or fall. However, spring is the right time to get a new roof. A spring roof replacement offers several benefits.

1. Perfect Weather

Can you imagine working on the roof with inches of snow? Your roofer can slip on melting snow, leading to roof damage. A leaky new roof due to cracked replacement asphalt shingles will cost you more. Roofing materials such as rafters and plywood can rot due to water exposure. How will you protect these components from snow and rain in winter? Replace your roof in spring to avoid possible winter damage. Summer may seem like the perfect time for roof replacement. But high humidity levels in summer increase the risk of moisture damage. It’s unbearable to work on the roof with summer heat and dust.

Maryland experiences temperate weather in spring, ideal for roof replacements. Mild temperature ensures your Maryland roofing contractor spends more time working. Your roofing company can schedule the workload to avoid a few rainy days and maximize warm days. For example, asphalt shingles should be installed at around 50 Celsius to properly cure and adhere. Roof sealants work better when exposed to the sun. So, your roofer can install replacement asphalt shingles on sunny days that meet this temperature threshold. Mild and warm weather reduces the risk of delays and complications. Spring is the best time to replace your roof.

2. Less Hectic

How do you beat traffic from work? Get on the road early before other motorists, right? You can also use this strategy to schedule your roof replacement. Most homeowners spend the first weeks of spring celebrating the end of winter and start preparing for summer in the last weeks. They rush to complete roof inspections and maintenance in the late summer and fall. Maryland roofing contractors are swamped with orders during this period. To beat the rush, get your new roof in spring.

Mid-March is the right time for home improvements and roof inspections. Some homeowners start engaging with roofing companies in the last weeks of spring, but the uptick is lower than in summer and fall. If you schedule your roof replacement in spring, you won’t have to wait for the contractor for weeks. The queue is shorter, so you’ll get your new roof quickly.

3. Quality Assurance

Reputable Maryland roofing contractors like American Choice Exteriors deliver the best every time. However, understaffed startups can push their crew to complete more jobs in summer before the pipeline runs dry in winter. Fatigue undermines concentration and quality. Overworked roofers may be tempted to cut corners to move the next project sooner.

Juggling several roofing projects in summer increases the risk of shoddy work. Your roofer will have more time to fulfill your roofing needs in spring. They have fewer customers, so they don’t need to rush to the next project. Seek a spring roof replacement to reduce quality issues.

4. More Affordable

Like any market, demand and supply forces influence roof replacement costs. Possible winter damage deters homeowners from seeking roofing services in winter. Although it is the slowest season, harsh winter weather can increase the costs. You’ll pay more for a contractor to venture onto your roof in the cold winter. Increased demand in summer can lead to labor shortages, pushing up prices. And the situation worsens as you get closer to winter. Unscrupulous roofing companies can charge you more because they know you’re desperate.

Replacing your roof in spring is more affordable than in summer and fall. During this slow season, roofing contractors compete for the few available roof replacement projects. As a homeowner, you have more bargaining power and leverage in spring. Contractors will go out of their way to get your business, including discounts and lower prices. Also, prices of materials tend to increase during the busy summer season due to the high demand for roofing supplies. A spring roof replacement can reduce your budget and save you money.

5. More Options

The high demand for skilled roofers reduces your options in summer and fall. You may end up with an inexperienced roofer. Seeking a spring roof replacement offers more options. Because business is slow, you’ll have more time to discuss your roofing needs with prospective contractors. They can answer your questions quickly and efficiently to ensure they get your project. Request quotes and other relevant information from several local roofing contractors and chooses the best roofer. In Maryland, you can rely on like American Choice Exteriors for a professional roof inspection and replacement in spring.


Bottom Line

Spring is the best time to replace aging roofs. This season offers the perfect weather, competitive prices, and more roofing contractors. Getting your new roof in spring is hassle-free and reduces the risk of damage and quality issues. To exploit the benefits of spring roof replacements, hire a reputable roofing company.


If you own a home, residential building, and commercial property in Maryland, you can rely on American Choice Exteriors for spring roof replacement. We offer comprehensive roofing services, including professional roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs. To get your new roof in spring, contact us today or Schedule Your Free Roof Inspection Online Today!