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Gutters is one of the most prominent features of a house. What Color is it? Does it match with the overall aesthetic? The team at American Choice Exteriors wants you to be proud of the way your home looks and promises to work dilegently to help you achieve your dream property and the gutters to match. Wheather you need a full gutter replacement or a gutter repair we are here to help guide you through the process.


Built On Quality

We at American Choice Exteriors understand the importance of professionally constructed gutter systems. New gutter replacements and repairs are not all the same. Gutter design guidelines must be followed when creating a gutter system. If the industry standards are not met, you could not only end up with a new gutter system that fails, but one that may actually cause water damage to your home. Putting together an elite team of the area’s most experienced estimators and sheet metal workers, we provide our clients with a gutter system built to last a lifetime!

Gutter Machine


American Choice Exteriors offers a full range of gutter guards, filters and gutter screen options. If you are looking for a reliable top-rated gutter contractor in Maryland, contact us today!

Seamless K Style .032 Gutter Coll

Gutter sizes: 5" and 6" (K Style & Half Round)

Half-round gutters and round downspouts

Downspout sizes 2x3, 3x4, 4x5, 3" Round, 4" Round

Multiple types of gutter guards available

Fascia wrapping - Multiple colors available

We offer everything from standard K style gutters to over-sized commercial gutters. As an industry leader, American Choice Exteriors has all the knowledge, manpower, and equipment to install gutter systems of any type, using the best installation practices, and meeting and in many cases exceeding industry standards. By installing only the best material, using the most experienced sheet metal technicians, and utilizing proven new gutter installation methods, we are confident in offering our clients an unbeatable lifetime warranty on every new gutter installation. Whether you’re a homeowner/property manager, we offer the same level of customer service, high-quality gutters, and affordable prices.

What Sets Us Apart From The Competition?

We Don't Use Subcontractors

All of our employees only work for American Choice Exteriors!

Lifetime Warranty

We self-insure our projects and offer lifetime roof warranties for homeowners because we believe in the quality of our work.

Price Match Guarantee

We’ll meet or beat competitors’ pricing every time. Guaranteed.

Customer Testimonials

We love hearing from our customers! We invite you to read many more 5-Star reviews and testimonials from our clients.

Al Daniels
Al Daniels
Brandon was honest and quick. We had some roof shingles blow off in a storm and we called for help even though our roof was relatively new. He gave us a fair price ($800 less than what another roof repair company had quoted us the day before) and he was able to complete the work the same morning. Now we have peace of mind knowing we were able to get the shingles repaired before the next rain storm. We will definitely call American Choice Exteriors for roofing needs in the future. Also worth mentioning it was easy and convenient to schedule this appointment online
Stephen Chite
Stephen Chite
American Choice Exteriors patched our roof after a branch fell and punctured our roof. They were incredibly responsive, answering calls and texts on a Sunday morning, and they came out within a few hours to patch up the hole in our roof. They were also helpful in making sure everything was coordinated with our insurance company, making the claims process much easier than it could have been. When it came time to replace the roof, it was really easy to get a date scheduled, and they ended up starting the project a day early. Most impressively, they removed two layers of old roofing and installed a new roof all in one day. Amer and Brandon both remained incredibly communicative and helpful throughout the process.
Cyriac Edappully
Cyriac Edappully
Brandon did a great job communicating with my insurance company to get a new roof installed. Brandon was very professional and explained all the steps necessary to get the job done. Brandon was also very punctual and quick to respond to questions and messages. Once we had a date selected for the install the team came out finished a smooth installation and clean up.
Reach Ricw
Reach Ricw
Fantastic service I would use them again in a heartbeat Britney the receptionist was prompt in responding back to my voicemail Brandon cade the representative that came out was phenomenal very professional was able to explain clearly and concisely what services were offered and was professional the entire time and no question was treated as if it was a dumb question. He took pictures of the shingles that needed replacing and he replaced them promptly. As a customer I am one of the few customers that not only brings it to the attention Of the owner or manager when I’m displeased but I also bring it to them when I’m pleased and this is one of the interactions that I am very pleased with and I would definitely recommend and use this company again and I would ask for Brandon by name to come out to my house For future service and also suggest that anyone reading this review request him by name as well
Maria Saadiqa
Maria Saadiqa
Great service, ontime, reliable and professional. Can not ask for better
Lexy L
Lexy L
Amer is knowledgeable, responsive and professional. Highly recommended and will hire again.


We get lots of questions from our clients. Below are just a few of the most common ones. But we understand every roof is different, every house is different, and you may have specific questions regarding your specific situation or project. We’d love to answer them for you!

Give our team a call at (301) 687-2345 We look forward to speaking with you.

Are your gutters “seamless”?

Gutters are considered “seamless” when they are installed in a continuous manner from corner to corner. Seams should only occur at the corners. At American Choice Exteriors all of our gutter replacements are seamless.

What color guttters are there to choose from?

You name the gutter color – we got it! In all all seriousness, gutters come in a wide variety of colors and we have over 16 seamless aluminum gutters to choose from.

Most of the time the gutter colors are simple; either white or eggshell. However, black gutters are very popular too. Just remember, if you live in a neighborhood with an HOA, color changes have to be cleared according to most HOA by-laws.

ked questions. When it comes to homeowner’s insurance, you pay your premium in the event something happens to your home. Your mortgage company has a financial interest in your home as well. If you have documented damage, it’s the insurance companies’ responsibility to restore the home back to its original state without raising your premium or flagging your account. Now, if your neighborhood has been affected by a recent storm and many claims have been opened, then it’s possible the insurance will “blanket” the neighborhood and everyone’s premium will go up slightly.

What sizes do gutters come in?

The seamless sections of gutters are custom made in two sizes:

  • 5 inch gutters
  • 6 inch gutters

The downspouts are subsequently matched, with 2×3 inch downspouts connecting to the 5 inch gutters and 3×4 inch downspouts connecting to the 6 inch downspouts.

We always recommend the bigger gutters – 6 inches – because they come with the larger downspouts, thus they can displace more water and do it faster during storms! In fact, the extra inch on the downspouts leads to 400% more water volume, thus preventing gutter issues!

Do I need gutter guards?

We are biased, but we always say YES to gutter guards, and here is why:

  1. Gutter guards that work are worth every penny
  2. Gutter Guards are self-cleaning meaning you don’t have to clean them
  3. You can do away with cleaning but also having to clean the cheap gutter guards others will install
  4. They’re durable
  5. They come with a lifetime no-clog warranty!

For more information on how gutter guards can help you home contact American Choice Exteriors today at 301.687.2345.

How long will the entire process take?

From the moment you call us, your gutters becomes our priority. We will send an inspector/project manager to your home at our next soonest availability, usually within 1-3 days, weather depending. If you are found to need new gutters we will provide you with a complete and comprehensive estimate. From that point forward, materials are brought on the day installation and your gutters will be printed out right on the spot and installed in most cases depending on the size, and location of your home in 1 day.

What makes American Choice different than every other gutter contractor out there?

Dedication & Communication– We are 110% dedicated to you. You will be paired with a project manager who will oversee your entire siding process. You will have his/her personal cell phone number which you may call any time. We understand you are investing in us. Understand we are invested in YOU.

Knowledge – With a combined total of over 30 years of experience in the industry American Choice Exteriors knows how to get the job done the right way the first time. We are knowledgeable about materials, siding systems, etc. and can confidently assist you with all of your exterior needs.

Trusted – We have an A+ BBB Rating and a 5-Star Google rating so you can be assured we come highly recommended in our community to  take care of all your gutter needs.

Family – We are family owned and operated. You will feel this from the moment you call us on a Sunday to get a free inspection and we pick up the phone. You will feel this when we drive through your neighborhood after working on most of your neighbors’ homes and people are waving as our truck rolls through. Family is important to us. Your family is no exception.