How Much Does A Gutter Replacement Cost In Maryland?

Jul 18, 2022 | Roofing

July 18, 2022

How Much Does A Gutter Replacement Cost In Maryland

Depending on the material, gutters can last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. While that’s a reasonably long time, it isn’t forever. You’ll likely need a gutter contractor to perform a gutter replacement before you know it. 

When that happens, you probably don’t want to be surprised by the cost of a new gutter. A lot more factors go into the final price beyond that of the gutter material itself. Read on to learn more. 

Gutter Removal Cost

The first thing to consider is that most gutter contractors will charge you to remove and dispose of the gutters and flashing already in place. You can expect to pay around $100 for this service. 

You can remove and dispose of these materials yourself for around $40. However, you may end up with an extra charge from a gutter contractor if you make a mistake. 

Flashing Gutter Replacement  

Flashing refers to the seal over the cracks in different parts of a home. You can find it around windows, chimneys, and, of course, gutters. This part is important because it stops water from seeping into these cracks. 

The cost you can expect to pay for flashing depends on the type. Flashing tape costs around $25 for a 75-foot roll. Sheets of flashing cost around $1 to $5 per foot. 

Be sure to ask your contractors what kind of flashing they’ll use beforehand to get a good idea of the final price. 

Gutter Installation Cost Based on Material 

One factor that affects the cost of a gutter is the material. There can be many benefits if you choose one gutter material over another. However, certain materials cost more or less than others. 

Vinyl, which is a kind of plastic, is at the lower end of the price spectrum. You can expect to pay $3 to $5 per linear foot of vinyl gutter. However, keep in mind that you’ll probably pay a lot more in gutter damage repair for this lesser-quality material. 

Copper is at the higher end of the price spectrum at $25 to $40 per linear foot. The greater quality and longer life of this material can make this initial cost well worth it. Copper gutters can last up to 50 years. 

In between these two materials, you have aluminum and stainless steel. These can cost from $6 to $12 and $9 to $20 respectively. If you’re on a budget but still want a fairly high-quality gutter material, either of these can be a good compromise. 

Seamless vs. Sectional Gutters 

Gutters come in two general types: seamless and sectional. Manufacturers make sectional gutters into short sections and a gutter contractor will form them together into one long part. Seamless gutters, on the other hand, come in longer sizes that contractors can install as one piece. 

Seamless gutters have the advantages of leaking less, lasting longer, and looking more attractive. They cost more than sectional gutters from the start, but you can be assured that you’re paying for quality. 

You may have also heard that a seamless gutter replacement will be more expensive, as contractors can’t remove and replace smaller sections at a time. However, you’ll likely experience fewer replacement situations with seamless gutters than with sectional ones. 


Downspouts are special parts of gutters that direct water towards the ground. You can usually find these at the corners of the home or every 35 feet or so. Depending on the material, you can pay more for downspouts than regular gutter pipes. 

Copper downspouts cost $17 per foot, steel $10 per foot, and aluminum $5 to $8 per foot. Vinyl downspouts cost $5 to $8 per foot as well, but you’ll notice that’s more than the vinyl gutter pipe cost. You may want to choose aluminum downspouts to get long-lasting quality for the same price.

Gutter Guards and Other Gutter Protection Systems

To reduce the amount of gutter cleaning you need to do, you may want to get types of gutter protection installed. For example, gutter guards are pieces of mesh that sit on top of your gutters and prevent debris from falling inside. Installing them costs around $7 to $12 per foot. 

Gutter foam ($1.50 per linear foot) and downspout screens ($8 each) are other options to keep your gutters debris free. You can also get wire mesh screens ($1 per linear foot) to prevent insects from invading. Rodent guards ($5) will prevent rodents from nesting in your downspouts. 

Tools such as splash blocks ($10 each) and heat tape ($77 for 100 feet) can protect the area around and below the gutters from water damage. In general, be sure to ask your gutter contractor about all possible options. 

Other Considerations for Gutter Installation Cost 

Beyond the cost of gutter materials and any accessories, there are a few other factors that can raise or lower the price. The season that you decide to get a gutter replacement is one. It can cost you less to get gutter work done in the spring than in the summer or fall. 

The complexity of your home can also change the cost. Installing a gutter on a two-story house with a complex roof will cost more than installing it on a one-story house with a simpler roof. In addition, an older home may need extra work done, such as an eave repair, before a gutter can be properly installed. 

Where you’re located may also be a factor. The amount of demand in your area vs. the number of gutter contractors available, for example, can raise or lower the price. 

If You’re Looking for a Maryland Gutter Contractor, Choose Us

As you can see, a gutter replacement can end up costing a large amount of money. To prevent yourself from paying too much, be sure to balance your current needs, future needs, and personal finances carefully. 

When you’re ready for gutter repair, replacement, and/or maintenance, consider the services of American Choice Exteriors. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing Maryland residents with high-quality workmanship and products.

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